Kendall Jenner in a Thong Bikini

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Kendall Jenner Thong This is the picture we have all been waiting for here on celebrity thongs.  Kendall Jenner in a proper thong shot is what this site has needed for a long time.  One of the hottest chicks on TV today Kendall Jenner has far surpassed her Kardashian sisters on the hot meter.  She’s clearly a few steps above the other sisters and this thong picture just proves she may be hotter but she’s just as scandalous. Celebrity thongs delivers with Kendall Jenner in a thong.

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Mammorial Day Discount

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Kimberly Garner In a Thong Slip

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Kimberly Garner Thong British actress and serious hottie Kimberly Garner found herself in a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment as shes strutting down the street in her red dress as the wind blows up and gives us a peek at her matching red thong.  These are the moments you hope to capture and w’re happy to report on Celebrity Thongs that we have delivered the goods.  Enjoy Kimberly Garner in her hot thong show.

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Anarchy Parlor – Joey Fisher

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Kristen Wiig Full Frontal

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Mothers Day

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Mrskins Knock Out Special

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Hardcore Playlist

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Naked Celebrity Girls Peeting

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