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Kristin Cavallari’s butt curves hanging on the beach

Posted by Paparazzi Stalkers On October - 29 - 2010

Kristin Cavallari’s butt curves hanging on the beach

It’s not hard to spot just about any beautifully-tanned bikini-clad blond babes on the beach. But if the gorgeous chick goes by the name Kristin Cavallari, you can’t help but look twice, or thrice…hell, look all you want as we got pictures of her oiled abs, legs, and those yummy butt curves.

Kristin Cavallari’s butt curves hanging on the beach

The reality star confesses on an interview that The Hills is basically all fake. Whaaaat? Her fucking all those different guys isn’t real? Man, I knew it! No one of those could satisfy her as much as I can. Let me just flip my hard-on out and bang this former Catholic school girl mercilessly. I could just imagine us hanging on the beach, while I rub tanning lotion on her smooth milky body and slowly stripping that miniscule bikini off before sexing her hard on the shore till she screams for more.

Kristin Cavallari’s butt curves hanging on the beach

Oh shit, my dick is already drenched with jizz just with these smoking hot pictures of Kristin Cavallari. And I know yours will too, you cockheads. Lucky she’s a Laguna Beach girl, it’s easy to get her to strip down to her undies…I mean, bikini, just in case.

Abi Titmuss Gets Her Tits Mussed For Real!

Posted by sardonika On October - 28 - 2010

BUXOM sensation Abi Titmuss exposes her supersized titbags in her surprise sex scandal video, and it’s gotten her fans talking! As if she weren’t already famous for being one of the most boobalicious babes in the UK, the dirty vixen. So CLICK HERE NOW to start viewing her movie, plus a whole lot more celebrities caught in the act!

How I Spunked Your Mother

Posted by sardonika On October - 25 - 2010

AMERICAN Pie and Buffy hottie Alyson Hannigan has made a classic home video of her “waxing the stake,” so to speak. Not only that, you’ll see her lovely face creamed with globs and globs of steaming sperm — a rare treat for all you Hollywood star-fuckers! So CLICK HERE NOW to begin viewing this amazing spunkfest scandal and so much more!

AnnaLynne McCord slips into a sexy bikini

Posted by Paparazzi Stalkers On October - 22 - 2010

AnnaLynne McCord slips into a sexy bikini

The American teen couldn’t be more perfectly idealized by AnnaLynne McCord. And when that American teen gets down to wearing bikinis and baring a slender torso and an awesome cleavage, well, the world might just explode. Or my cock might, at least. Which it has already done. More than once. But that’s only after I fapped to these sexy bikini pictures of AnnaLynne McCord.

AnnaLynne McCord slips into a sexy bikini

Before the paparazzi caught pictures of AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini, she was in a tight, body-hugging wetsuit. That alone was enough sexiness for me to flip out my boner, but I held back because I knew she had to slip out of that suit eventually. And slip out she did, with her tight body and tits coming out like a fucking butterfly out of its cocoon. And not long after, my cum came out of my cock like, er, cum coming out of a cock. Yeah, I’m still a bit knocked out after seeing this hot blonde babe flash her racks at me.

AnnaLynne McCord slips into a sexy bikini

Or did she really? I might be having false memories after seeing AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini. I have these memories of us skipping naked in the beach, sipping margaritas by the sinking sun, and fucking rough until we shifted enough sand to shelter us for the night…

AnnaLynne McCord

Anna Jamp Jumps On A Cock!

Posted by sardonika On October - 21 - 2010

THAI songbird Anna Jamp makes waves with her saucy sex video scandal, kicking her popularity sky-high! CLICK HERE NOW to view the fucktastic footage!

Carolyn Murphy’s Hot Honeymoon

Posted by sardonika On October - 21 - 2010

THE Face of Estee Lauder Carolyn Murphy became the pussy of the modeling circle when her 1999 sex scandal with then-hubby Jake Schroeder made headlines in 2005. You’d be surprised at how uninhibited she is, bumpin' and grindin' all the way into the room until her toned li’l ass bounces up and down on her hubby’s
dong. Isn’t that freaking HAWT?!

CLICK HERE NOW to add this video to your collection. Otherwise, someone else will!

Anya Ayoung’s Torrid Three-Way Tryst!

Posted by sardonika On October - 18 - 2010

THE pageant community was in bit of a shock when Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago Anya Ayoung and Miss Universe Japan Hiroko Mima came out with their very own sex scandal video with Anya’s boyfriend Wyatt Gallery. Apparently, the pressures of looking good while doing worldwide charity work was a little too much for these naughty beauties, no?

At least it made them even more famous, and if you’re one of the few who still haven’t seen the video, CLICK HERE NOW to star watching it!

Rosario Dawson’s heavenly cleavage pics

Posted by Paparazzi Stalkers On October - 15 - 2010

Rosario Dawson’s heavenly cleavage pics

Having cravings for one chocolate tit? How about two? You people are in for a treat, because some lucky paparazzo found the perfect spot to take pictures of Rosario Dawson’s caramel boobies in an angle that needs to be done for all fucking pictures of chicks! Amirite?!

Rosario Dawson’s heavenly cleavage pics

Seriously, seeing Rosario Dawson’s mammaries from atop just completed my day. This is the reason God made tits! Celebrities should walk around bent low so guys won’t have to crane and break their necks looking for the sweet spot in their blouses. Rosario Dawson was even pleasant about getting perved up by the peeping tom who got lucky and gave us pictures of her huge boobies. Bitch probably got tittyfucked previously and was left in a good mood.

And who wouldn’t tittyfuck her? Sometimes a chick’s boobs are too large to ignore during sex that not even a rub can satisfy. No, you have to stick your cock in between those plush puppies, hump her like mad and let your cum shoot on her open mouth! That’s how you make proper use of a bouncing pair of tits!

Rosario Dawson’s heavenly cleavage pics

Man, if these cleavage pictures of Rosario Dawson are already making me ramble on about pervy stuff, imagine what they’d do to you guys. I’m steering clear.

Penthouse Pet Brandy LeFord Gets Petted And More!

Posted by sardonika On October - 14 - 2010

THIS daring Penthouse bombshell Brandy LeFord made many of her male fans explode in orgasm when her sex video came out. If you haven’t seen it yet, I heartily suggest that you CLICK HERE NOW and download the full steamy episode!

Sexy Buckeey Johnson’s Got Flava!

Posted by sardonika On October - 11 - 2010

SHAY ‘Buckeey’ Johnson, urban model for the reality TV show Flavor of Love, had gained mass appeal when her brief sex video made it to the Internet. Of course, you won’t be denied access to it, so grab it now RIGHT HERE!


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